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The Belfry

The Belfry is an East Village staple serving up picklebacks in a beautiful gothic atmosphere. The large lanterns over the bar and above the front door serve as the bar's calling card and primary logo. The tandem bike is a favorite of the bar's owner; one proudly hangs in The Belfry's entryway on a  mechanical pully, ready to be ridden at a moment's notice

Mary has served on The Belfry's creative team since 2016, including as Creative Director from 2018-2020. Her work with them includes graphic design and branding, print design, and photography.

September 2019 (2 of 5).jpg
Belfry Logo 1.png

The lantern is The Belfry's most recognizable symbol. They can be found swinging almost every night, illuminating the bar's gothic architecture in a warm glow. Using that architecture as inspiration, I created the logo in a traditional engraving style. The tandem bicycle was introduced a few years later, a nod to the owner's passion for cycling and the bar's playful and social energy.

September 2019 (4 of 5).jpg
Spring 2022 Mockup.png

The Belfry's menus are kept simple and classic using only a single typeface—Goudy Old Style. The serif font matches the bar's vintage aesthetics while its light weight keeps it feeling modern and fresh.


The menu cover illustration changes seasonally, cycling through vector illustrations, collage, watercolor, and digital painting to match the menu contents and interior décor, which change seasonally as well.

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